Kamenoi Hotel


Scenery, Food, Local Charms | An Interactive Hot Spring Hotel

At KAMENOI HOTEL we cherish the spirit of hospitality above all else.

Mie Toba
Hyogo Ako
Oita Beppu
Chiba Kamogawa/Oyama Senmakita
Shizuoka Izu Kogen

KAMENOI HOTEL is always ready to help create cherished memories

At KAMENOI HOTEL, we provide hospitality so that guests can enjoy the wonderful surrounding scenery,
local life, and warm interactions.

Nationwide KAMENOI HOTEL Information

Our hotels are located in 32 hot spring areas across Japan blessed with abundant nature,
where you can enjoy different hot springs and experience the cultural values of Japan.
We hope you enjoy the unique charms of each locale.


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