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pleasingly traditonal

A Hot springs hotel on a hill overlooking Toba Bay.
Embraced by the nature of Ise-Shima,
You can fully enjoy the charm of the land.

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Enjoy plenty of seafood and mountain delicacies from Ise-Shima many of the dishes we are proud of.
Enjoying local ingredients locally is
It's one of the best parts of traveling.


Enjoy the bounty of nature unique to Ise-Shima

spiny lobster (esp. Japanese spiny lobster, Panulirus japonicus)

Open-air baths where you can feel the sea breeze of Toba bay, and
and spacious rooms with terraces.
Enjoy a relaxing view of the ferry,
and enjoy a moment of forgetting your daily life.

Guest rooms
Guest rooms
Guest rooms
Guest rooms

Healed by the ever-changing scenery of Iseshima

yukata (light cotton kimono worn in the summer or used as a bathrobe)

Natural Hot springs "Shioka no Yu".
An open-air bath overlooking Toba Bay
If you take a breather while feeling the sea breeze,
It will warm your mind and body to the core.

Hot springs
Hot springs
Hot springs
Hot springs

Toba Rare private source of spring water in the area

elderly couple

A great location for tourists and locals alike.
 10 minutes by car from Toba aquarium.

1200-7, Arashima-cho, Toba-shi, Mie 517-0021 Japan
TEL: +81-599-25-4101 / FAX: 0599-25-3901
Check-in: 3:00 p.m. / Check-out: 10:00 a.m.

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