About reservations

How do I reserve accommodation at Kamenoi Hotel?
●Reservation via the Internet
You can make reservations at the hotel of your choice on the Kamenoi Hotel website from the first day of the month six months prior to your date of use.
●Reservations by telephone etc.
You can make reservations by calling the hotel of your choice from the first day of the month six months prior to your date of use.
Please note that for reservations made on the first day of the month, reception hours will start at 8:30.
*Telephone, etc.: Apply by phone, mail, or directly at the hotel front desk.
(Example) If you make a reservation for accommodation on November 10th, the reservation start date will be May 1st.
How many days in advance will the cancellation fee be charged?

If you cancel your reservation or change the number of people, the following cancellation fees will apply.

No-show: 100% of basic accommodation fee

On the day: 80% of the basic accommodation fee

3 days to 1 day before: 50% of the basic accommodation fee

10 to 4 days before: 20% of the basic accommodation fee

When making a reservation through a travel agency or a hotel reservation site, a cancellation fee will be charged in accordance with the prescribed cancellation policy.

About accommodation

When is the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.
What time is the last check-in time?
The last check-in time is 7:00 pm, except for some plans such as rooms without meals.
If your arrival time is after 7pm, please contact the hotel.
Can I send my luggage in advance?

If you let us know in advance, we will keep it for you. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to include the date of your stay and the name of the person making the reservation.
If you would like to send your luggage to your home after using the service, you can send it via Yu-Pack for a fee from the hotel shop.
In addition, you can leave your luggage at the front desk for the same day only, even before check-in or after check-out.
Please note that depending on the contents of your luggage, we may not be able to store it either in advance or before or after use.
Please note that we are unable to accept parcels by cash on delivery or cash on delivery.

Will invoices/receipts be issued for accommodations paid in advance?
If you make a reservation with advance payment through a travel agency or hotel reservation site, as a general rule, the agency will issue the receipt, and the hotel will not be able to issue an invoice.
If you require a receipt that corresponds to the Japanese certified invoices and receipts (invoices), please make your reservation through the official MYSTAYS website.

About Food

Can you accommodate allergies?

At our hotel, we are doing everything possible to ensure that customers with food allergies can enjoy their Food safely and securely.
We are able to provide allergy-friendly menus for some of our menus upon request.
Please contact the hotel when making your reservation.

Notes on “allergy-friendly menu”

  • 1. Although it is possible to change the menu to one that does not use individual ingredients, it is difficult to remove ingredients contained in seasonings, and we may not be able to meet all requests.
  • 2. All the food served at our hotel is prepared in the same kitchen, so there is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the cooking process.
    Please note that this response does not guarantee complete removal of allergy-causing substances.
  • 3. We do not support menus provided in buffet style.
  • 4. For customers who are concerned that we cannot guarantee the removal of allergy-causing substances, we may have no choice but to refuse to serve Food, with the customer's safety as our top priority.
  • 5. Please note that we cannot respond on the same day. Also, please refrain from making requests based on your likes and dislikes of ingredients.

When using the service, please check the above information and make your final decision.

Can I bring food into Food venue?
To prevent food poisoning, we do not allow food to be brought into the Food venue.
Can I have a meal in the room?
Food will be served at the restaurant or banquet hall (charges apply).

About in-house facilities

Can I use the internet?
Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.
Please note that Wi-Fi may be difficult to access in some parts of the building.
Is the entire building non-smoking?
The entire building is non-smoking.
Please note that there is a smoking corner within the building.