Kamenoi Hotel

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Kamenoi original character
Name decided!

At Kamenoi Hotel
A character has been born!

We received applications through the name recruitment campaign held in June 2023.
The name has been officially decided from among 3,779 entries.

Thank you very much for your many applications.

Character introduction

  • Kamenon

Reason for naming
"Kame" of Kamenoi Hotel,
From the relaxing “Non” to “Kamenon”

3 generations of parents and children.
Each carapace has a different color.
A happy family who loves Hot springs.

  • Funyaran

Reason for naming
Because when you relax, you'll swell

A turtle fairy with a Hot springs symbol on its back.
When entering Hot springs, the shell is removed.
When you relax to the maximum, it will swell.

LINE stamp sales

To commemorate the name decision, LINE stamps are now on sale!

Enjoy the talk using Kamenon & Funyaran's original stamps.

Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran
Kamenon & Funyaran

Now on sale

Available at Kamenoi Hotel shops nationwide.

T-shirt (white)

T-shirt (white)


T-shirt (navy)

T-shirt (navy)


tote bag

tote bag

1,100 yen

relaxing tenugui

relaxing tenugui


Zaboon Tenugui

Zaboon Tenugui


relax hand towel

relax hand towel

660 yen

Name recruitment campaign
*This campaign has ended.

Application requirements
Application terms

Stay at your favorite Kamenoi hotel
Pair accommodation ticket for 1 night and 2 meals


2 people (1 person per character)

Application period

Thursday, June 1, 2023 - Friday, June 30, 2023

Application method

Dedicated form or
Application form for setting up Kamenoi hotels nationwide

Items to fill out

character name

Applicant's name, age, prefecture,
email address

Ideas for goods you would like to see released in the future (optional)


Mid-July (planned)

Character names can be found on the official website and
We will announce it on official SNS.

The announcement of the prize winner will be made to the person in question.
We will return the item with notification.

*Character names to be submitted must be original and unpublished.

*The copyright of the character names used belongs to MyStays Hotel Management.

*If there are multiple applications for the adopted character name, the winners will be selected by lottery.

*Please note that if the information you applied for is incorrect, we will not be able to contact you as a winner and your win may be invalidated.

*Please note that we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding the status of campaign applications or recruitment.

*Exchanging or returning prizes, and transferring winning rights (including resale at auction) are prohibited.

[Handling of personal information]

The personal information you enter will not be used for any purpose other than this campaign.

Regarding Privacy policy, please check this page of MyStays Hotel Management Co., Ltd.