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“KAMENOI HOTEL MEMBERS” member recruitment


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We offer special benefits to KAMENOI HOTEL MEMBERS members.

You can become a member at the same time as making a reservation for your Staying plan through this website, andreceive member benefits from your first use.

Admission fee and annual fee are free! Please join us!





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Membership information magazine “Tabi Time”


KAMENOI HOTEL MEMBERS receive a seasonal membership magazine. It is full of information to help you enjoy your trip, such as seasonal events near Kamenoi Hotel, gourmet information, etc. *1

check out

Check-out time for members is 12:00 p.m., two hours later than for regular guests. *2

The points you accumulate can be used to pay for your stay.

You will earn 1 point for every 100 yen of usage charges (sales amount eligible for point accumulation). *3
1 point = 1 yen, and you can use those points directly when paying at the front desk the next time you stay with us.

Earn bonus points more and more

Points earned during your stay will be
500 points for every 300 points accumulated,
Every time you accumulate 3,000 points
5,000 bonus points
I'll give you a present.
(Points earned through campaigns are not counted when calculating bonus points.)


Great deals on leisure

You can receive benefits such as preferential discounts at participating tourist facilities around Kamenoi Hotel.

Great deals on souvenirs

Discounts on souvenirs at the hotel shop. ※4

Present on birthday month

Members who stay during their birthday month will receive a fun gift. ※5

*1There is no set delivery time for the member information magazine. It is sent to each household of members who have used the service within the past three years. Please note that there are cases where the magazine is not issued due to circumstances on our part.

*2Please inform us at the time of reservation. KAMENOI HOTEL IZUKOGEN is not eligible for this service. Please note that this service may not be available depending on the reservation status on the day.
*3 Air tickets, JR tickets, Staying plan with rental car is a solicited planned trip sold by another company, so Points will not be added.
*4Souvenir discount is limited to eligible products. KAMENOI HOTEL IZUKOGEN is not eligible for this service.
*5Please request a birthday gift at the time of reservation. The contents of the gift vary depending on the hotel, so please check with the hotel for details. (The photo is for illustrative purposes only.) KAMENOI HOTEL IZUKOGEN is not eligible for this service.



Membership conditions

Anyone over the age of 12 (excluding elementary school students) can join. You can also apply for membership at the front desk of Kamenoi Hotels nationwide. Please contact each hotel for details.



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